Friday, November 30, 2012


 i know all the mass market businesses have been cramming Xmas down everyone's throat since Halloween, but i wanted to wait until Dec 1st. i like non-traditional Xmas decorations and so i thought i'd make one. it's pretty obvious that this Mini 10-Doh! Tombstone is based on a Santa hat, but this might be one Xmas decoration that you can keep out year round.

once again, my good friends at Mana Studios did the casting and they look great. i will be painting the darker red wash, signing, and numbering all 25 figures. 

i wanted to stick with the 25 Days of Xmas theme, so they're only available for 25 days, we're only making 25, and they only cost 25 bucks each. that's 5 bucks in Xmas Spirit Saving.

these won't be available after Xmas day. all Tombstones that don't sell, will be given away to friends and family as Xmas presents. i wouldn't count on getting a free one for being on my "Nice List", it's a pretty short list. so, order starting tomorrow.

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