Saturday, September 17, 2011


off to see some fishes at the Long Beach Aquarium. woohoo.
you can't miss the guy, or maybe girl.
they have all kinds of creatures to see. this photo doesn't show how huge that clam really is.
these were by far the largest crabs i've ever seen. the just seem like giant bugs to me. not too appetizing
more fishes
i always like seeing Jellyfish and other similar creatures. we were actually allowed to touch some Jellyfish. not these ones of course.
i didn't get any decent photos of the Sea Horses, but the Sea Dragons turned out ok. and we didn't get to pet that Jellyfish either.
the shark feeding time was fun to watch. it was a bit crowded, but it didn't take too long to get a good view.
Baby Kermy wanted a photo with my Squib. couldn't refuse that photo op. afterwards, Chito took us to his local comic shop, Amazing Comics. it's a very good shop. lots of toys at decent prices. i even got my Silver Surfer TPB for less than cover price.

 the Long Beach Aquarium was pretty crowded when we were there on a Thursday. it seemed a bit expensive, but i figure it take a lot of clams to feed all of those fishes, ha (lame). we only spent around 2 hours there, but i'm sure you could spend a lot more time and watch some of the movies. 

they have a lot of areas to touch a lot of sea life and other things to do. i can't believe it took me over 10 years to finally take a visit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10-DOH! DEBUT AT GALLERY 1988 ON 9-16-2011

above are some low res images i snagged form the gallery website, but you can read the important parts. Gallery 1988 Venice, Sept 16th - Oct 8th.
for the first and last time this little beauty "Skel-10-Doh!" by KwestOne will be for sale. he never wanted to sell it before, but he's now willing to part with it for a price.
also available for the last time "Star Smasher" by Mana Studios. this stands just over 13" tall. maybe i can convince Jay to let me keep it, if someone doesn't snag it at the gallery.
for all of those people out there that can't spend a paycheck on some 1 of a kind art, this pretty little number will be available for the 1st time ever. Andrew Wilson was kind enough to do another label to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of everyone's favorite golden game. titled "It's Dangerous to Go Alone", this is the 2nd 10-Doh! gold figure and is limited to 100 pieces.
here's the front label
here's the back label
also, each "Dangerous" gold figure also comes with 5x7 mini print by Andrew Wilson.

i'm not a huge fan of art openings, but i'm sure i'll be stopping by the gallery to take some photos and see the other artwork. it's only a few days away, so spread the word if you can. if the gold figures don't sell out, i'll put them up for sale on the website after Oct 8th. that way some non-LA people can get their hands on one.


this was our first trip out to Palm Springs and the sole purpose was to ride on the tram.
the tram on the left is the old version and on right is the new fancy version. the new ones can fit 80 people, only takes 10 minutes, and rotates 360 degrees twice each way.
up top it was around 30 degrees cooler and a completely different environment.
this is a fake panoramic shot from up top.
the station at the top had lots of viewing areas and places to sit and relax.
this little buddy was brave. he was hopin we'd share our Trader Joe's lunch. he was brave, but unlucky.
see if you can spot the Squib.
we spent around 4-5 hours hiking around, eating lunch, and looking around the visitor center. we got a little lost, but not bad. after all of that, it was time to return to the heat. blah.  
 it costs around 25 bucks per adult to ride the tram. that seems expensive, but we spent a lot of time up there and had a great time. i'd recommend it to anyone that wants to get away from LA for a day.