Monday, November 19, 2012


several months ago, the World Famous Tracy and Teresa Tubera welcomed the first platoon of their new clone army into the world. several months before that, they asked a bunch of friends to do a "Cat in the Hat" illustration for their future nursery. i did these 2 sketches a while back, but finally rendered one of them

 i went with the slightly more dynamic sketch and added the Squib hat. i sketched the hat in photoshop, but closed the file without saving, so the cleaned up sketch is all that remains.

this was the original formatting and border, but it just wasn't lookin good. i also modified the tail significantly. my original idea for the tail just wasn't workin out, so i tried to tone it down and make it look more like a normal tail.

and this is what they ended up with. one of these days i'll have to swing by their place and see if they really hung it up on the wall. ha.

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