Tuesday, January 1, 2013


so, i guess this is officially announcing Mini 10-Doh! Series2 as well as kicking off the contest. i'll be announcing the artist line up for Series2 soon.

the grey Mini 10-Doh! is your blank canvas. you'll have the front and back label area to put your artwork. below are more contest guidelines.

Figure info
-Mini 10-Doh! 3.5" blind box figure.
-full color labels on front and back.
-grey figure with standard eye deco.

Label Art Ideas
-combine your brand or style with a classic video game.
-create a fake game based on one of your characters or brands.

What I would need from you.
-Illustrator or 300dpi Photoshop files of the labels. jpeg template available on this blog. Email me if you need an AI file or PSD file.
-all entries must be submitted on the template.
-files should be named as follows- [yourname]_[figurename].AI ---- ie:natemitchell_soanalog.AI

-1 complete set of Series2. (16 figures)
-1 solid case pack of your design. (20 figures)

Things to be aware of.
-avoid copyright infringement, only use your original artwork.
-make it somewhat family friendly.
-remember the title at the top of the front label should be upside down. 
-make sure the artwork goes all the way to the "bleed" guideline.
-the labels are pretty tiny. do a test print to make sure it will be legible.
-feel free to share your progress and final submissions through social media. please tag @squidkidsink, so i can see it as well.
this is the blank template

this is what a final entry should look like. you don't have to put the figure name at the top, but make sure the file is named correctly.

the contest runs from Jan 1st-31st. all entries must be emailed to nate.squidkidsink@gmail.com by midnight Jan 31st. one winner will be chosen by March 1st, hopefully sooner. all art work remains property of each artist, but i will be using the winning art on packaging and for promotions. you can email me with any questions or concerns about the contest.