Monday, November 5, 2012


another Monstoberfest has come & gone, and this year we totally missed it. our trip to the Grand Canyon landed on the same weekend, but i was still able to debut a new So Analog resin piece there. maybe i'll post some Grand Canyon photos soon.

the tombstone idea has been in my head for years, just look at the Tshirts that i make. i finally had a bit of time to make them a reality. i also needed to have something for Monstoberfest this year, so that worked out well. seeing how Monstoberfest is a Halloween themed (or at least Halloween timed) show, i chose Halloween colors for the 1st edition of 10.

here are the Instagram progress shots. Mana Studios did the molding and casting for me. then Jay airbrushed the tombstones and i wiped off the excess. i think the effect turned out pretty nice. i signed and numbered each one and then they were glued together.

overall, i'm very happy with this project. i have plans for several more color ways. most of the editions will be pretty limited, but i will be doing some open editions. they'll be up in my web store soon.

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