Thursday, November 1, 2012


so one of the benefits of designing, sculpting, funding, and producing your own products is you also get to be a part of each series. these are 2 of the 4 that i did. it's pretty much the same as the larger So Analog 10-Doh!, but just showcasing 10-Doh! because the labels are so small. the artwork is also used on the Blind Boxes and the Case Pack.

Jerome of Hyperactive Monkey bought a bunch of these blisters for his AP's. he had a ton extra because the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) was so high. so, i told him i'd buy some from him. there were some challenges to overcome, because he bought a blister that would fit a 10-Doh! that holds 2 swords.

unfortunately, there were some printing errors, so each figure gets 2 card backers. you'll see why if you buy one and open it up. i also had to figure out a way to keep the figures from floppin around inside the over sized blister. it took a while, but i figured out a way using rubber bands, business cards, and some stickers. you can see the other 2 Gold versions that will be released at WonderCon 2013 or maybe sooner.

this was my 1 man assembly line. on the far right you can see the stack of flattened blind boxes. it took a long time to unpackage, assemble, punch holes, sticker, rubber band, and repackage 40 figures. i wore rubber gloves to prevent finger prints, but i'm sure there will be some cat hair somewhere. ha.  

 these are some of the progress shots i posted on Instagram.

here's the final pack out for the Grey guys. these will go for 25 bucks at Dcon 2012.

 and the final pack out for the Gold guys. these will go for 35 bucks at Dcon 2012. or you could get 1 of each for 50 bucks. 

both the figure and packaging is signed and numbered. each version is limited to 20 pieces and will debut at Designer Con booth #600. any left overs will be put up on my site for sale shortly after the show.

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