Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 a while back, the guys over at Urban Vinyl Daily asked me to be a part of their 1st ever online art show. the theme obviously fits with my 10-Doh! figures, so how could i say no? they also asked if i could do some sort of poster/announcement. these are the sketches that went into it.  these were sketched in pen and then Sharpied.

 lots of people ask if i have any other So Analog figures in the works, so i thought i'd share some by using them as a pattern in the background. then i extracted the logo from the sticker file they sent me.

 here's how it progressed digitally. the background cartridge pattern was one of the last elements that i put in. special thanks to Linda Hong for sparking that idea.

so, here's the final. i'll also be releasing a new figure for the show. i'll be posting some teasers up before the show starts on Sept 8th.

Monday, August 13, 2012


 Paisley Fawn asked if i would customize a Smudge a long time ago. i had this little guy sittin around a while before i sketched on him. but, it was a really long time before i finally painted him. WonderCon and SDCC just got in the way. ha. the sewing is pretty straight and clean for such a small figure, very well made.

these are some progress shots i posted on Instagram. it went way better than expected. i had never painted fabric before, and that's what prevented me for jumpin on it sooner.

i sprayed him with a coat of matte finish to seal up the fabric a bit. then traced the pencil sketch with a Sharpie. other than that, i just hand painted with straight acrylic paints.

i call him a Squdge cuz he's a Squib version of a Smudge. he was a lot of fun to paint. you can get your own Smudge from and follow Paisely on both Twitter and Instagram, just search @paisleyfawn.