Thursday, November 1, 2012


 many of us grew up in the time of audio cassettes and tape decks. we used computers with bulky low capacity disk drives, and collected stacks of video game cartridges. So Analog is my attempt to bring life back into some of that dead technology. i also wanted the RIP to stand for something other than "Rest In Peace". Retro Inspired Products sounded good to me.

this idea came to me because many of the old cartridges are grey and already resembled tombstones. i did this modification in Rhino and wanted the engraved words to show the life span of that form of tech. it's not always easy to find out when i specific product was discontinued. most things keep being used for years after they've been out dated and replaced.

i wanted to make sure that the grass base would also fit on the existing Mini 10-Doh! bodies. i plan on casting up enough grass to create a graveyard of all the Mini-Doh! figures that get made. except the Luke Chueh Limited Edition, i only have one of those. booo-urns.

i originally tried sculpting the grass out of magic sculpt. it was pretty painful. it ended up looking more like rock or nothing at all.

 i chose to take Jay's advice and let one of his guys resculpt the grass at Mana Studios. i usually like doing all of my own sculpting, but i can't do everything....obviously. the grass turned out great and actually looks like grass.

here they are with their first coat of primer.

 all cleaned up and ready for molding. 

there are already 2 versions of 10-Doh! Tombstones. the 1st edition of 10 debuted at Monstoberfest and the 2nd is a Glow in the Dark version that will release at the Mana Studios booth #607 at Dcon 2012.

i'll be making other color ways that aren't so limited and even some open editions, so nobody has to miss out on these.

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