Thursday, December 8, 2011


a couple of weeks back Ben Reeves from Game Informer, contacted me about having the 10-Doh! figures being part of Game Informer's 2011 Holiday Buying Guide. of course i said yes, because it's a huge opportunity for tons of people to see my stuff. it's actually quite an honor for me to be selected. my stuff is on the same list as Optimus Prime. WOOHOO!! 

once i finally got to look at a copy, i got the great surprise of seeing my figure represent the entire Holiday Buying Guide in the Table of Contents.Woohoo!!, again.

this is from the PDF of the spread that Ben sent me. it looks much better than if i would have scanned it in. unfortunately, there were some mistakes made. incorrect name, wrong website, and wrong price. not sure how or why, but things like that are bound to happen sometimes. people are still able to find me, so it's not so bad.

 the same mistakes were made on the website, but they quickly fixed them once i let them know.
 here's the link to check out the live website and see the other products they liked.

they also did a video recap of some of their favorite items and we made the cut. someone even commented about liking the figures. woohoo!! here's a link to the video. they talk about our stuff starting right at 11:30, but that's only if you don't have time to watch the whole video.

i've already seen a big increase in sales after being featured in the magazine. lots of people are giving them as gifts. it's very exciting and gratifying to know that people will be opening something i made on X-mas day.