Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 4 YEARS!!??? that went by quick. this was our 4th time being at Dcon, so maybe that's technically 3 years in-between shows 1 and 4. either way, each year keeps gettin bigger and better for us. i have to say, the highlight of the whole convention for me was having my artwork on the back cover of the program. special thanks again to Ayleen for askin me to do it.

i set up on friday and was there from around 130-8pm. i obviously wasn't working efficiently. i even took a little break behind the registration booth and got a copy of the program early. woohoo. 

just a day or two before Dcon, Scott Tolleson sent me an email saying that Button Lab was still lookin for some artists to be a part of their blind bag series. i had less than 24hrs to deliver something, so i had to tweak and reuse some artwork. 

i used the same colors as the Blow Me artshow announcement and also did a bloody variant. these were hand delivered to me at Dcon. they cranked them out quick. there are 2 color ways, in 2 sizes, and in normal or metallic, for a total of 8 variations. the metallics are awesome. not sure what i plan on doin with all of them right now.

this was my 1st year participating in the World's Largest Blind Box Time. i know, shame on me for not participating in the previous 3 years. i couldn't resist this year, seeing how i actually have my very own blind box series out there. i was lucky number 84 and ended up with a Le Rad! by World Famous Tracy Tubera. SURPRISE!!!..... i already had it.

this was my one purchase at Dcon. i didn't even get a Dcon shirt (i always get those). this guy is pretty tiny, maybe 2" and is made of hot glue. Geoff and Corwin Webb of Rikki Tikki Tavi have been buyin stuff from me for a while and they decided to give a booth a shot at Dcon. they had a bunch of hand made and custom stuff, but this guy stood out to me. they're lucky i actually had cash on me. ha.

i was lucky enough to get a bunch of free stuff too. some of it i made, like the Dcon exclusive, and the Mana Studios Limited Edition GID 10-doh! Tombstone. but i also got a keychain from the folks at Wrong Gear. met some folks from Instagram. @angelasongart gave me the Ryu vs. Evil Ryu print. @visual_varinya gave me the baby Freddie. @tracytubera gave me the Captain America print, even though he didn't want to. ha. you should follow all of them on Instagram, if you don't already.

so, Dcon was great for us. met lots of new people, but my brain is terrible at remembering, so hopefully i meet them again next year. ha. most of the stuff we had is now online at www.squidkidsink.bigcartel.com, so you can still buy, if you missed out on the show.


  1. thanks, James. i hope the show went well for you too.