Thursday, December 8, 2011


a couple of weeks back Ben Reeves from Game Informer, contacted me about having the 10-Doh! figures being part of Game Informer's 2011 Holiday Buying Guide. of course i said yes, because it's a huge opportunity for tons of people to see my stuff. it's actually quite an honor for me to be selected. my stuff is on the same list as Optimus Prime. WOOHOO!! 

once i finally got to look at a copy, i got the great surprise of seeing my figure represent the entire Holiday Buying Guide in the Table of Contents.Woohoo!!, again.

this is from the PDF of the spread that Ben sent me. it looks much better than if i would have scanned it in. unfortunately, there were some mistakes made. incorrect name, wrong website, and wrong price. not sure how or why, but things like that are bound to happen sometimes. people are still able to find me, so it's not so bad.

 the same mistakes were made on the website, but they quickly fixed them once i let them know.
 here's the link to check out the live website and see the other products they liked.

they also did a video recap of some of their favorite items and we made the cut. someone even commented about liking the figures. woohoo!! here's a link to the video. they talk about our stuff starting right at 11:30, but that's only if you don't have time to watch the whole video.

i've already seen a big increase in sales after being featured in the magazine. lots of people are giving them as gifts. it's very exciting and gratifying to know that people will be opening something i made on X-mas day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


while at D-Con Alexei Bochenek of Geek Chic Daily LA stopped by and introduced himself. a couple of weeks and emails later this was sent out to all of their subscribers. 10-Doh! managed to top this list. needless to say, i'm very happy about that.
you can check out the real post here:

i sent him a couple of figures to give away as part of their contest. you may be able to still enter the contest here:

Tokyo Pop was also kind enough to post up something about our Black Friday deal that just ended. #1 again, WOOHOO!!

seriously though, i really appreciate everyone at Geek Chic Daily LA and Tokyo Pop for posting all of this stuff. i'm terrible about marketing, advertising, and generally gettin the word out about my stuff.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


this will be our first ever Black Friday Sale. the So Analog Gold 10-Doh! will be on sale for 35 bucks each instead of the usually 50 bucks.

these debuted at Comic Con 2010 in San Diego. the original plan was to only have them at conventions, but that had changed. ends up that i just don't do enough conventions. we only exhibit at 4-5 conventions a year and only in California. then i just happen to forget to bring that figure to D-Con this year. so, that makes an already limited figure, extremely hard to get for most people.

i know that some people may get upset that the figure is now available online to anyone, but if i don't move some figures, i can't make more figures.

the So Analog Gold 10-Doh! figures will be available in the same old location at midnight Thanksgiving.

remaining figures will continue to be available online at the regular price of 50 bucks after midnight on Black Friday.

Friday, November 11, 2011

D-CON 2011

 this was our 3rd year at D-Con and it just keeps gettin better. it's hard to tell from the photos, but people were lined up behind those columns.

we set up on friday and saturday morning. it's always takes longer than we think it should.

we only got to walk around before the show started, so we didn't get to see much other than empty booths. overall saturday was a pretty busy day.

here is Linda Hong at our booth puttin on a happy face.

these 2 beautiful men are Chito A-Word and The World Famous Tracy Tubera. Chito did the graphics for our KnockOut!! 10-Doh! and Tracy did the graphics for Super Double Ninja Battle Bros. they were there sellin some of their fancy drawlings.

we had some co-workers take at convention life. our friends at Mana Studios and Neil Winn were also showin and sellin stuff.

D-Con felt slightly more official in the new location this year. Ayleen and Ben did a great job making it easy to sign up, set up, and tear down. it's the easiest most casual show we do. i hope that never changes.

we didn't sell as much as we thought or hoped we would, but it was still a good show for us. 1 day just doesn't seem like enough time for D-Con. hopefully it continues to grow, so we can actually have some time to enjoy the show as well. i barely had time to take photos and look at anything, but 1 busy day is still better than 2 slow days.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



i met Dokor A after D-Con last year. our friends George and Ayleen from October Toys and Toybreak fame introduced us and we all went out for lunch one day. i happen to have some castings in my car because it was the day after D-Con, so i gave him a Squib Kid to customize. 

i know this figure was done a while back and some people may have seen it already, but it's ridiculously good. i had to post it for more to see. he also said he was goin to do a Squib custom for a show next year. i can't wait to see what he comes up with next. you can check out more of his creations at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 the turnout for Monstoberfest was pretty good. they had Dr. Sketchy's "undead" zombie drawing goin on out front.

Chito had 2 illustrations in the show see his stuff at Andrew Bell had a pretty awesome zombie candy corn.

unfortunately, these 3 didn't have great placement, so it was tough to get good photos. check out there stuff at www.lindapanda.blogspot,,

 Mana Studios had these and other on display. you can see more of their work at

the paintings on the left are done by Neil Winn, see more at the painting on the right was done by Paul Wilson.

 they had my stuff on display out in the middle and behind the counter. seemed like good placement to me. 

this was only year 2 for Monstoberfest and overall i think it was a really strong show. there was a wide range of art. tons of creepy stuff, some cute stuff, traditional and digital painting and a decent amount of sculpture. i know we sold some figures, but i don't know how many yet. i think most people are still on tight budgets, but i know some of the art sold. hopefully each year continues to get better.

Monday, October 3, 2011


 it's that time again.....??? Halloween time, which means Monstoberfest time. our friend Irene is curating the show again this year, so we'd never say no. Linda, Chito, and Jerome are all entering art pieces as well our friend Vivian Nguyen and some other folks we know.

this project was planned a while ago, but i always planned on debuting it at Monstoberfest.  here are a couple of rough sketches

 So Analog is all about remembering long dead technology that a lot of us grew up with. Linda Hong threw out the idea of Night of the Living Dead while i was in Hong Kong, so i ran with it. here's a comparison image of the original NOTLD poster and my refined sketch.

 for Monstoberfest i did a small run of 10 prints at 11x17. each is signed and numbered and will go for 30 bucks each. #1 will be framed and goes for 50 bucks.

i'll also be debuting my NOTLD Technology 10-Doh! figure that night for 35 bucks each and is limited to 100 pieces. or you could grab a print and figure for 60 bucks. that's an amazing 5 dollar discount.

the show opens at 7 and we'll be there for a bit. it's a tiny little gallery in Orange County, but i've seen some of the art already and there is a wide range from super creepy to super cute. stop by if you can.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


off to see some fishes at the Long Beach Aquarium. woohoo.
you can't miss the guy, or maybe girl.
they have all kinds of creatures to see. this photo doesn't show how huge that clam really is.
these were by far the largest crabs i've ever seen. the just seem like giant bugs to me. not too appetizing
more fishes
i always like seeing Jellyfish and other similar creatures. we were actually allowed to touch some Jellyfish. not these ones of course.
i didn't get any decent photos of the Sea Horses, but the Sea Dragons turned out ok. and we didn't get to pet that Jellyfish either.
the shark feeding time was fun to watch. it was a bit crowded, but it didn't take too long to get a good view.
Baby Kermy wanted a photo with my Squib. couldn't refuse that photo op. afterwards, Chito took us to his local comic shop, Amazing Comics. it's a very good shop. lots of toys at decent prices. i even got my Silver Surfer TPB for less than cover price.

 the Long Beach Aquarium was pretty crowded when we were there on a Thursday. it seemed a bit expensive, but i figure it take a lot of clams to feed all of those fishes, ha (lame). we only spent around 2 hours there, but i'm sure you could spend a lot more time and watch some of the movies. 

they have a lot of areas to touch a lot of sea life and other things to do. i can't believe it took me over 10 years to finally take a visit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10-DOH! DEBUT AT GALLERY 1988 ON 9-16-2011

above are some low res images i snagged form the gallery website, but you can read the important parts. Gallery 1988 Venice, Sept 16th - Oct 8th.
for the first and last time this little beauty "Skel-10-Doh!" by KwestOne will be for sale. he never wanted to sell it before, but he's now willing to part with it for a price.
also available for the last time "Star Smasher" by Mana Studios. this stands just over 13" tall. maybe i can convince Jay to let me keep it, if someone doesn't snag it at the gallery.
for all of those people out there that can't spend a paycheck on some 1 of a kind art, this pretty little number will be available for the 1st time ever. Andrew Wilson was kind enough to do another label to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of everyone's favorite golden game. titled "It's Dangerous to Go Alone", this is the 2nd 10-Doh! gold figure and is limited to 100 pieces.
here's the front label
here's the back label
also, each "Dangerous" gold figure also comes with 5x7 mini print by Andrew Wilson.

i'm not a huge fan of art openings, but i'm sure i'll be stopping by the gallery to take some photos and see the other artwork. it's only a few days away, so spread the word if you can. if the gold figures don't sell out, i'll put them up for sale on the website after Oct 8th. that way some non-LA people can get their hands on one.


this was our first trip out to Palm Springs and the sole purpose was to ride on the tram.
the tram on the left is the old version and on right is the new fancy version. the new ones can fit 80 people, only takes 10 minutes, and rotates 360 degrees twice each way.
up top it was around 30 degrees cooler and a completely different environment.
this is a fake panoramic shot from up top.
the station at the top had lots of viewing areas and places to sit and relax.
this little buddy was brave. he was hopin we'd share our Trader Joe's lunch. he was brave, but unlucky.
see if you can spot the Squib.
we spent around 4-5 hours hiking around, eating lunch, and looking around the visitor center. we got a little lost, but not bad. after all of that, it was time to return to the heat. blah.  
 it costs around 25 bucks per adult to ride the tram. that seems expensive, but we spent a lot of time up there and had a great time. i'd recommend it to anyone that wants to get away from LA for a day.