Wednesday, October 31, 2012


creator of Eternal Descent, Llexi Leon contacted me about doin a B-Side/ED collaboration a really long time ago. i can't remember how long and i don't want to search through my emails. anyway, here's the reference i had and a rough idea mockup that Llexi did.

here are the base components i used. i don't usually kit bash, but i didn't have the time or desire to sculpt any wings. i found this action figure at Big Lou's in Los Angeles. the wings were pretty perfect. i'm usually well aware of action figures and pop culture, but i really don't know where this guy is from. 

this guy sat around for months with a light pencil sketch on him. i finally sat down and carved in the title. i used a file at first, but an X-acto ended up working much better. in the lower picture is shows the Magic Sculpt for the project.

Nips likes to try and help out every once in a while. she's currently pretending to be an X-acto lid. safety 1st.

here he is with a lot more cracks carved in. i added horns, spiked wristbands, and modified the wings as well.

Llexi didn't have a high res ED logo that was in this horizontal format. so, i live traced it in Illustrator and the finished it off in Photoshop. i think the imperfections actually added to the look.

i wanted it to look like the labels we're being burned off, so i really burned them. the effect was decent, but i ended up using a Sharpie to blacken all of the edges.

there was no way i was gonna be able to sculpt this symbol by hand. i had to simplify it in illustrator and the modeled in in Rhino. Mana Studios did the output for me.

this the final sculpt. i wanted the symbol to look like it was embedded or busting out so i had to add some material for that.

the original concept image gave me the general direction for the paint scheme. i primed it black, then primed certain areas white. after that i sprayed a transparent orange over the white.

the orange wasn't all that transparent, which ended up being a good thing. i needed the base coat to be light so the yellow would look yellow. i painted most of the cracks yellow and started dry brushed black over the whole thing.

it was a tough paint job. painting is not fun for me. it's my least favorite part of the process, but it obviously needs to be done. i spent as much time as i could stand on it. 

and here's the final. it didn't quite turn out the way i thought it would, but i'm happy with it.  

check out for more angels, demons, and heavy metal.

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