Wednesday, October 24, 2012


so, a couple of weeks back i got an email from Ayleen Gaspar askin if i would be interested in doin artwork for the back cover of the program guide for Dcon 2012. personally i think it was a huge honor to be asked, so of course i said "yes". it was a pretty tight deadline, so i had to get busy right away. this is the 1st decent mock up i did. it was kinda difficult for me to come up with something that wasn't a blatant advertisement and encompassed what Dcon is all about.

 i'm not a typographer, so it actually took me a long time to come up with something this boring. ha. not sure why i didn't just use an existing font. my brain doesn't always choose the easiest path.

here are a couple progress shots. i used mostly used Illustrator and finished off some stuff in Photoshop. it was a challenge to fit all the Squibs in there and communicate the process of customizing a DIY figure. 

the upper left are some logo ideas that i wasn't happy with. below that is how the final logo came together. on the right is the sketched i used for where the blue Squib is drawing on the final.

aaaaannnd, here's the final all trimmed as it should appear once printed. during the process i wanted to tie it into Dcon as much as possible. i asked Ayleen if it would be cool if i used the Dcon mascot on the label and  that led to the idea of doin a Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! for Dcon. i hope to post about that today or tomorrow, so keep check back. 

i only had about a week to get this done, so overall, i'm very happy with how this turned out. so, if your in Pasadena on Nov 3rd 2012, stop by Dcon, pick up a program guide and swing by booth #600 to get a Dcon Mini 10-Doh! as a souvenir.

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