Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 wait, it's already October? oooops. anyway, this was our 2nd year exhibiting at SDCC and set up went ok. our stuff got loaded and taken to our booth super quick. but our booth was missing half of the back wall. gonna have to remember that for next year.

this is pretty much what the booth looked like for the 4.5 days of the show. you can play "Where's Chito?", if you want.

we had all our Squib stuff and no, those Squib Kisses are not real chocolate.

one nice thing about being an exhibitor is that you get a short period of time where the show isn't a mob scene. of course you have security guards naggin you to return to your booth. kinda lame.

Luke Chueh was sportin a free Power Rangers mask for a signing, but i'm terrible at promoting, so we just hung out for an hour. fine by me, ha. ValleyDweller was kind enough to give me a Ch'Orb of my choosing. The fellas from Lightsleepers stopped by and gave me all kinds of goodies. and my favorite SDCC freebie was the Dredd badge. a fan gave me a couple that i in turn distributed to friends. i hadn't seen the movie at that point, but i like my badge even more now. go see Dredd.

October Toys was in their same spot across from WB and Capcom, this is a rare photo of the aisle being empty. they also were giving out a free Toy Break trading card every day. these 2 had Squibs in them, so i was happy to see that.

tons of 10-Doh! figures were on display. we launched my very 1st Blind Box Series at SDCC this year. it was pretty exciting. they even arrived before the show, but barely. ha.

we had 2 SDCC Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! figures. the one on the left is an alternate version of Luke Chueh's Emo Bear Murderworld from Series1. Hydro 74's 10-Doh! is called "Defined by Defiance" and is awesome.

there is supposedly a 6 year waiting list to get into SDCC, but that's only if your willing to wait. we got in by signing up at the show, and had a booth within 6 months. Hyperactive Monkey called every couple of weeks before the show with no luck. but there was a "no show" and Jerome put on his Big Boy pants and stepped in. neither of us were quite prepared to have separate booths, but we managed just fine.

Chito A-Word, aka Chito Arellano, aka Kwestone decided to squat at our booth for a couple of days. i called to cops, but he's above the law. 

 some random awesomeness. i was lucky enough to get a Portal gun, woohoo! and my buddy Steve James of Finesse Skateboards was preparing to make some S'mores. ha.

 so many Batmobiles in one place, both good and bad of course.

not a fan of shuttle buses that take you 1 mile just to wait in another shuttle bus line. lame Ironman reveal. the Power Rangers were next to us at the Bandai booth and i wanted to murder them every time they showed up. not a fan. i have a love hate relationship with TMNT. it was more of a hate relationship, at the time of this photo.

we have a little tradition of eatin at Pho Cali with Jerome and Daisy every year and always get Smash Burger at least once while we're in SD. 

so, the highlight of the show for me was seeing people open up the Gold Chase figures out of a random blind box. i'm sure there were more lucky people, but these are the 5 that let me take their photos. 

 4.5 days seems like forever, but it flies by super fast. that giant stack of Mini 10-Doh! case packs is what we sold through at the show. we also sold out of the Luke Chueh Exclusive and some solid case packs.  overall it was a great show for us. 

this is obviously an extremely late update on SDCC 2012, but i was wiped out by the show. then i got busy gettin ready for the next one. 

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone that stopped by and said "hi". special thanks to all the folks that actually bought something. SDCC has tons of stuff to choose from and i'm happy that people threw some of their hard earned cash my way.

we plan on being in the same spot next year, but SDCC has to go through their process and approve everyone again. i'll post something when it's confirmed. woohoo.

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