Tuesday, October 23, 2012


i'm sure there is a least one person out there that is wondering "Why is Squid Kids Ink doin Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! figures for some random Kickstarter card game?" well, it's not that random. i used to work with Johnny O'Neal at Spin Master and i was able to see this game in it's earliest stages. Johnny was pursuing his dream and even doin the early art himself, and i respected that. 

months later, after i was long gone from SM, Johnny contacted me to see if i would be willing to help out with some pledge rewards for Boss Monster. i obviously said yes, and the project exploded on Day1. it was fully funded and all pledge levels with Mini 10-Doh! figures were sold out in just over 24hrs. 

i even contributed at this level. so, i get to have a THE EPIC HERO (FIGHTER) that will be half way designed by me. Woohoo! 

this guy was the last one to go, but he was 500 bucks, so that's no real surprise.

 the response and support for Boss Monster has been amazing and inspiring. i don't really know if the Mini 10-Doh! figures had anything to do with that, but we decided to make a 2nd Boss Monster Mini 10-Doh! with a different label. all you have to do is add 20 bucks to any pledge level. 

all of these Mini 10-Doh! figures are very limited and are only available during this Kickstarter campaign. order while you can. 


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