Wednesday, October 24, 2012


so, if you haven't been paying attention. this bad boy is gonna be available at the Squid Kids Ink booth #600 on Nov 3rd at Designer Con in the Pasadena Convention Center. below are some images and words about how this came into existence.

the image above is a mockup i sent to Ayleen to see if she was cool with me doin it, seein how i didn't do the artwork. special thanks to Scott Tolleson for designing such a great mascot.

the mockup had a couple of issues and i had a couple of choices to make. mainly which Vincent to use, and how to tie it to the back cover illustration as much as possible. i wanted to use the new 2012 Vincent, but the paint roller didn't work great with the vertical format of the front label. i also didn't want to use the pink dripping logo, because i wasn't gonna use that on the program guide illustration.

so, i went with "classic" Vincent and added in some ink spots to tie it in with the logo i was using on the program guide.

here's how the front and back stickers get printed. then i have to cut each and everyone out and apply them. that's 8 cuts per figure and i'm planning on doin 50 total. yikes. i need to start cutting soooon.

here are some of the progress shots that i posted on Instagram. 

here's the 2nd AP. the first was given to George and Ayleen to show on Toy Break next week, so make sure to watch it. 

 and here he is with his fancy Limited Edition packaging. lots of folding in my future too. 

so, if you can't remember Dcon 2011, don't relive that horror and buy one of these guys as a reminder of how awesome Dcon is. if your unable to make out for Dcon, i'll put any left over figure up on my web store. that way some people can pretend like that had an amazing time at Designer Con 2012.

Scott Tolleson and i will both be at Dcon in separate booths, but we may do a short co-signing of these guys. i'm sure that will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

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