Thursday, July 7, 2011


so, it's been a challenge, but my very first really real "Designer Toy" is about to debut. this is an image of the 1st 8 figures that will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

these bad boys stand 7" tall. the bodies are made of ABS while the hands and feet are made of PVC. the blank white figures are gonna go for the low low price of 3o bucks.

SO ANALOG "the game"
i guess this guy would be considered our mascot/main figure. all of the figures with artist labels will be sold for 35 bucks. the 1st 100 of each style will also include a bonus 5x7 mini print. these prints aren't exclusive to SDCC, and 6 of the prints will also be available in a print pack for 10 bucks. i'll post more on that soon.

i've been a big fan of Andrew Wilson's artwork for years now. he was kind enough to do a custom figure for our D-Con 2010 10-Doh! custom show. after that went well i bugged him to see if he would be interested in doing a label for me. aaaand...he was.

this lovely lady label was done by Kwestone a.k.a. Chito A-word.

we've been sharing convention booths with Jerome Lu for 2 years now. so, i had plenty of time to convince him to help me out.

the world famous Tracy Tubera was kind enough to take the time to relive and mash up some childhood memories.

i've been friends with Andy Poon since 2006 when he worked on the Storm Hawks show and i worked on the Storm Hawk toys.

i contacted several artists that i admire, Kozik was one of the few that replied and agreed to do a label. ended up that he was the only one that would actually deliver.

who looks like a million buck? this guy does. and he would cost that, if he were actually made out of solid gold. thankfully, he's affordable at the amazingly reasonable price of 50 bucks. this version is our "convention exclusive", so he won't be available online or in stores. we only made 300. if we don't sell out of them at SDCC 2011 we will have them available at other conventions like D-Con, Wonder Con, and Anime Expo.

this is pretty much a dream come true. i was able to do this as a self designed and self funded project. it was a huge risk on my part, but hopefully that pays off. the whole shipment is still on the water, but should be arriving soon. i got my fingers crossed that they arrive and clear customs in time for SDCC. of course the big question is "will people buy them?" i can only hope, because i have a lot more planned for this year and next year.

of course i didn't do it all alone. thanks to all of the artists. they really came through with great artwork. Jay and the Mana Studios gang kept the resin flowin long enough to get the production figures finished. Frankie and his guys at CDP in China did a great job with the engineering of the figures. my good friend Cavour dealt with all of my nervous and nagging emails. he also introduced me to Emily at Concept Garden, who found a factory willing to do the project. Wilson for taking the time to accompany me to the factory for a visit. Terence from the factory for gettin it all do in a very short period of time. special thanks to Linda, Jerome, and Chito for workin a long sweatshop style day to prep and crank out all of the label art. also, Anthony Nex for take photos for me, again. and of course, as super special thanks to my Linda Hong. she has been understanding and amazingly supportive of my goals and dreams. i only hope that i'll be able to do the same for her someday.

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