Sunday, July 17, 2011


so, even way back when i started this project, i wanted to showcase the artwork as much as possible. the prints were supposed to be limited to the 1st 100 figures in each style, but i wanted to make some available to the people that can't afford a bunch of figures.

these are the 6 prints that come in our SDCC Exclusive Super Power Print Pack. it includes So Analog, Hyperactive Monkey Kong, Super Nightmare Princess III, So Analog GOLD, KnockOut!, and Super Double Ninja Battle Bros. i only made 50 print packs and they'll only set you back 10 bucks for the whole set. so, make sure to get them before they're all gone.

this is the header card for the print pack.

this print pack doesn't include the prints for Smash the State or Double Kraken. those 2 figures are limited to 100 each and you can only get the prints with those figures.

special thanks to the artists for putting even more time and effort into doing extra artwork for the prints.

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