Wednesday, July 13, 2011


so, i've been sketching these So Analog tombstones for a while and i finally had time to turn some of them into a new Tshirt

these were the first rough sketches in my note book. i always ended up drawing a bunch of boxy graves and that never worked well. i actually had to plan it out a bit better, because all of the shapes couldn't just be boxes.

i ended up just redrawing all of the graves separately. then i retraced everything in Illustrator. it seemed to take forever.

i rescaled and rearranged all of the sketches into a decent composition, but like everything, it continued to evolve while i was coloring everything.

it took a long time to get this shirt down to a 3 color shirt. i haven't done many Tshirts and this was my 1st 3 color shirt. i added in some logos and icons so the tombstones weren't toooo plain.

this is how they ended up. they'll be available for the first time at SDCC 2011 next week, and as always, they'll only be 15 bucks.

we used Jakprints for these shirts, and we should have most sizes from XS all the way to XXXL. unfortunately, it wasn't the best experience. they weren't able to get certain sizes in every color. that happened twice and it also took at least 3 weeks to get them in. we've already moved on to a local shirt vendor.

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