Thursday, July 14, 2011


here are some of my new business cards. i kinda went overboard with the varieties, but i still printed them all.

this is the first one i finished and printed. then i realized it looked like a card for a musician. i also don't have many B-Side figures available, so i felt like i should additional business cards.

the label areas worked great for my info on the B-Side card. the A-Drive label still worked ok.

this card is based on our current postcard that we started handing out at AX 2011. it was even more difficult to get normal business card info on there, but it worked out well enough.

so none of the cards above had anything to do with Squibs. which up until now was our mostly widely known brand. so, i decided i should make a business card that had both Squibs and So Analog represented.

i scanned in these 2 sketches from our last Wonder Con banner. Jerome and i sketch something on each one of the name banners that the conventions provide. we then hang them up on the front of our tables.

i designed this one to look like it came from my sketchbook and put the list of products we make. it also has spot UV on all of the ink to give it extra contrast.

apparently, i like spending lots of money on things i just give away. then again, i don't hand them out to everyone. they mainly go out to people that are interested in doing business together. i also give them out to people that buy DIY figures. so, if you buy a A-Drive, you get an A-Drive card. Buy a Squib or a Squib Kid and you'll get the sketchbook card, and so on.

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  1. Oh!!! it's have fun....really impressive business cards this is stunning..!!!