Wednesday, July 13, 2011


so, i've been buyin SDCC exclusives since i first went to SDCC back in 2003. that's not gonna change anytime soon. but what did change is that i actually have my very own SDCC 2011 exclusive this year. woohoo!!

it just really sunk in once i saw this on the SDCC website. it's not like it's front page news for them. you have to click on exclusives, then click on "Squid Kids Ink", but damn it's cool for me to see it on this site.

so, here he is again.

i've had customs and other products that i've helped with, on display at SDCC before. but this i did from start to finish and all self funded. there was a pretty steep learning curve, so hopefully the next project goes a bit smoother.

i also want to thank Spanky from and Andy from for also helping get the word out for my new stuff.

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