Sunday, November 20, 2011


this will be our first ever Black Friday Sale. the So Analog Gold 10-Doh! will be on sale for 35 bucks each instead of the usually 50 bucks.

these debuted at Comic Con 2010 in San Diego. the original plan was to only have them at conventions, but that had changed. ends up that i just don't do enough conventions. we only exhibit at 4-5 conventions a year and only in California. then i just happen to forget to bring that figure to D-Con this year. so, that makes an already limited figure, extremely hard to get for most people.

i know that some people may get upset that the figure is now available online to anyone, but if i don't move some figures, i can't make more figures.

the So Analog Gold 10-Doh! figures will be available in the same old location at midnight Thanksgiving.

remaining figures will continue to be available online at the regular price of 50 bucks after midnight on Black Friday.


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