Friday, November 11, 2011

D-CON 2011

 this was our 3rd year at D-Con and it just keeps gettin better. it's hard to tell from the photos, but people were lined up behind those columns.

we set up on friday and saturday morning. it's always takes longer than we think it should.

we only got to walk around before the show started, so we didn't get to see much other than empty booths. overall saturday was a pretty busy day.

here is Linda Hong at our booth puttin on a happy face.

these 2 beautiful men are Chito A-Word and The World Famous Tracy Tubera. Chito did the graphics for our KnockOut!! 10-Doh! and Tracy did the graphics for Super Double Ninja Battle Bros. they were there sellin some of their fancy drawlings.

we had some co-workers take at convention life. our friends at Mana Studios and Neil Winn were also showin and sellin stuff.

D-Con felt slightly more official in the new location this year. Ayleen and Ben did a great job making it easy to sign up, set up, and tear down. it's the easiest most casual show we do. i hope that never changes.

we didn't sell as much as we thought or hoped we would, but it was still a good show for us. 1 day just doesn't seem like enough time for D-Con. hopefully it continues to grow, so we can actually have some time to enjoy the show as well. i barely had time to take photos and look at anything, but 1 busy day is still better than 2 slow days.

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