Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 the turnout for Monstoberfest was pretty good. they had Dr. Sketchy's "undead" zombie drawing goin on out front.

Chito had 2 illustrations in the show see his stuff at www.kwestone.blogspot.com. Andrew Bell had a pretty awesome zombie candy corn.

unfortunately, these 3 didn't have great placement, so it was tough to get good photos. check out there stuff at www.lindapanda.blogspot, www.vivdesigns.blogspot.com, www.gohyperactivemonkeygo.blogspot.com.

 Mana Studios had these and other on display. you can see more of their work at www.manastudios.biz

the paintings on the left are done by Neil Winn, see more at www.neilwinn.com. the painting on the right was done by Paul Wilson.

 they had my stuff on display out in the middle and behind the counter. seemed like good placement to me. 

this was only year 2 for Monstoberfest and overall i think it was a really strong show. there was a wide range of art. tons of creepy stuff, some cute stuff, traditional and digital painting and a decent amount of sculpture. i know we sold some figures, but i don't know how many yet. i think most people are still on tight budgets, but i know some of the art sold. hopefully each year continues to get better.


  1. Glad you like it. I'm trying to get a lot more stuff done for next year. Busy, busy, busy.