Saturday, September 17, 2011


off to see some fishes at the Long Beach Aquarium. woohoo.
you can't miss the guy, or maybe girl.
they have all kinds of creatures to see. this photo doesn't show how huge that clam really is.
these were by far the largest crabs i've ever seen. the just seem like giant bugs to me. not too appetizing
more fishes
i always like seeing Jellyfish and other similar creatures. we were actually allowed to touch some Jellyfish. not these ones of course.
i didn't get any decent photos of the Sea Horses, but the Sea Dragons turned out ok. and we didn't get to pet that Jellyfish either.
the shark feeding time was fun to watch. it was a bit crowded, but it didn't take too long to get a good view.
Baby Kermy wanted a photo with my Squib. couldn't refuse that photo op. afterwards, Chito took us to his local comic shop, Amazing Comics. it's a very good shop. lots of toys at decent prices. i even got my Silver Surfer TPB for less than cover price.

 the Long Beach Aquarium was pretty crowded when we were there on a Thursday. it seemed a bit expensive, but i figure it take a lot of clams to feed all of those fishes, ha (lame). we only spent around 2 hours there, but i'm sure you could spend a lot more time and watch some of the movies. 

they have a lot of areas to touch a lot of sea life and other things to do. i can't believe it took me over 10 years to finally take a visit.

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