Tuesday, September 13, 2011


this was our first trip out to Palm Springs and the sole purpose was to ride on the tram.
the tram on the left is the old version and on right is the new fancy version. the new ones can fit 80 people, only takes 10 minutes, and rotates 360 degrees twice each way.
up top it was around 30 degrees cooler and a completely different environment.
this is a fake panoramic shot from up top.
the station at the top had lots of viewing areas and places to sit and relax.
this little buddy was brave. he was hopin we'd share our Trader Joe's lunch. he was brave, but unlucky.
see if you can spot the Squib.
we spent around 4-5 hours hiking around, eating lunch, and looking around the visitor center. we got a little lost, but not bad. after all of that, it was time to return to the heat. blah.  
 it costs around 25 bucks per adult to ride the tram. that seems expensive, but we spent a lot of time up there and had a great time. i'd recommend it to anyone that wants to get away from LA for a day.

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