Wednesday, October 20, 2010


over the summer we were invited to stop by and visit the world famous Tracy Tubera at the Fantasy Factory. we got to see Tux as well.

we watch the TV show all the time, so it's always cool to go see the place in person. we met Big Cat while we were there, but still haven't met Drama or Rob. maybe, one of these days.

my little brother Dylan has spent the last 2 summers with us, and this was one of the things he wanted to do while he was in town. he had some fun in the foam pit and relieved some pressure in Drama's other office. ha.

the world's largest skateboard is pretty impressive.

more foam pit fun

we never get to drive the cars, but it's still fun to pretend.

went to Philippe's for lunch. my Grandpa introduced me to this place when i was 15. i try to go there whenever i'm in the area. the place has been around for 100 years. they have to be doin something right.

special thanks to Mr. Tubera for being such a gracious host and tour guide. i'd give him a tour of where i work, but he use to worked there. so, i don't have much to offer in that department.

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