Tuesday, October 26, 2010


so, here is the beginning. a couple of quick sketches way back in 2008. how time flies when you have too many projects goin on. the idea was to make figures out of old tech items that everyone used to use. i still need to finish the wings and halo.

i kept goin with the idea of old dead technology. i have a bunch more drawn up, but those are in another sketchbook and i haven't scanned them yet.

i built these 3 first in Rhino. i wanted to cover 3 areas, audio with the cassette, computers with the floppy, and video games with the NES cartridge.

as you can see, the original NES cartridge was almost an exact replica. apparently, i thought that would be cool, but then realized they all needed a lot more style and life put in them.

these were started way back in 08. just so happens that Mana Studios didn't have a 3D printer back then, so we had to use Morpheus. unfortunately, the parts weren't printed well. each one had areas of deformation. they gave me a small discount, but this little hiccup really derailed the whole project.

it's challenging to balance a day job, side business, and a personal life. it took a full year for us to get back to these figures, after the momentum was killed.

the cassette was re-output again, so he was even further behind the other figures. we also have some babies in our future, hopefully.

here's one of the first resin castings of 10-Doh!. the hands and feet were sculpted in castilene and taken to wax.

same as above, but this is fella is named A-Drive.

notice, still missing the someone.

finally, we got all three figures in resin. these guys were primered grey and black. most of the figures will be cast in colors from now on.

these were the first customs i did and they don't exist anymore. i did these temporary labels as a test. i later pulled the labels off and relabeled them. now scroll down.

here's the final A-Drive. his silver areas are a complete pain to paint. i'm hoping we can create a mask to make that a little bit easier.

finally, B-Side caught up with the other 2 figures. it took a while, but i'm happy with the way he turned out.

and here is 10-Doh! the most popular fella. all 3 were on display in the DKE booth at Comic-Con 2010.

group shots.

we are doin a custom show of 10-Doh! at D-con on Nov 20th in Pasadena. there should be around 30-40 artists participating, but we'll see how many actually show up. we'll also have some blanks ready and maybe a couple of surprises.

i hope to go into production with these figures sometime in the near future, but it all depends on if i can afford it.


  1. These are so dope! Excellent work!

    If this concept spreads enough on the Internet you might be able to try funding a production run with preorders.

  2. Please release these internationally. I would preorder.

  3. Hi ^^ Your work is just awesome !! How much does it cost for a full set ??

  4. Just wanted to say, these would be a definite purchase from me. You should continue with the line for other gaming cartridges too, it'd do amazingly well.
    Master System, Genesis, Snes, N64, customizable stickers too please!

  5. I would definitely purchase these as well as show them off to my school's computer club (90% gamers).

    And I'd absolutely get more if there were carts from portable consoles. (imo, portable ftw)

  6. holy crap, 5 whole posts. kinda sad, but that's a record for me. woohoo! thanks for all the kind words. i definitely plan on doing a bunch more figures and variations, so stay tuned. and come to D-Con to be the first to get the figures.

  7. These are amazing! VERY nostalgic. Love the Cassette! Would be nice to have the ability to write on the Cassette. Sort like a wet-dry board. Please let me know when you go into production. I will spread the word!

  8. I would definitely pre-order all three, and any future ones you make, I wouldn't mind starting a So Analog! Collection, would be fun. I might even get 2 sets of some, so I can put some in my cubicle at work.

    Now that its posted on Kotaku, you should get a lot of traffic and support, you might actually be able to get this off the ground, I sure hope so.

  9. http://kotaku.com/5678525/these-disks-are-not-toys-ok-maybe-they-are

    In-case you wanted to see the article

  10. I was wonder where and how much did you get the toys to be printed from rhino? Very cool designs.

  11. These are awesome. I would prefer them without the eyes though. I'd definitely get the NES one.

  12. Hey! I would also encourage u to move this into production, i would SURELY buy a full set or even two! (plase also send to europe!) . They are simply AWESOME! So many memories...

    And i have a suggestion, why you don't create a mail-list so you can keep all of us informed if you even sell them? Please do!! I'd love to keep updated of the process even if it takes a couple more years :P but it surely would make it easier not to lose track of it... i'm following already on facebook but an email that says "So analog now for sale!" will always be nice

  13. I'd buy that tape for sure if you ever go into production!

  14. I would buy the whole set too... From what I saw on gizmodo it looks like you might have at least 40 orders.. How good is that?

  15. Please let me order now!!

    If I put a set of these on my desk here, you would get another 10 orders by the end of the day.

  16. again, holy crap. the response has been pretty amazing. more than expected. i'm not tech savvy, so the mailing list may take a while.

    the blanks don't have eyes painted on them.

    i plan on goin into production as soon as possible. not sure when that will be, but i would say 6 months to a year, before actual vinyl toys would be ready. i'll have blank resin and customs during that time though.

    thanks again for all the support.

  17. Just saw them on nerdcore.de and I love'em! Would totally preorder whole range for X-Mas, would be many friends who would enjoy these. Go for it!

  18. Vinyl would be cool but Just make NERF versions first!!! Hell... inject foam into a mold and then paint! DONE! OR let everyone paint their own! Plus you can throw them around at your office mates without a lawsuit. LOL!

  19. If you get a realistic time-table and cost for production, I'm sure you'd get good funding through pre-orders. Let us know!

  20. Simply awesome. Lots of character!
    I'd be more than happy to lay down some fat cash for two of each. Would be awesome to get one in the colours above and one in a blank so I can customise them!

  21. looking good, holmes, but you already know that.


  22. You're not wrong. I sometimes think that it's worth just
    getting a new printer every year!
    Printer ink

    This SO ANALOG show is going to be siiiiccckkkk....
    cant wait to see the customs!

  24. excellent desing dude. it would be awqesome that you sell it. im interestead in one set :) cheers from Mexico.

  25. I will totally give money to acquire those fantastic objects ! France supports you !

  26. I think I just had a nerdgasm! I would pre-order the whole set in a heart beat.

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