Monday, October 18, 2010


once again Irene Medonis was nice enough to invite us to be a part of an art show she was putting together at Rothick art haus. i decided to do a Zombie Squib for the show.

this guy started the same way as always. a little bit of clean up and a healthy coat of primer. i also had to take a hammer to his head. just so happens that i tried cracking through the thickest part of his head. after all that, i drilled a bunch of holes all over his body for the stitching.

during the painting process i had to make some brains out of aluminum foil. i couldn't find a spoon that was the right size, so i took a little trip to Target and still couldn't find anything except plastic utensils. it ended up working out really well. i had to modify them a lot, but it was a decent challenge.

this is how he ended up. the knife, spoon, and fork worked well. the biggest time consumer was the wire stitching. i had a very short period time to finish this guy and it was a lot of fun to do.

here he is on display at the opening on Oct 9th.

here's Chito, Jerome, and Linda with their artwork for the show. i'm sure they have nice photos of their work on their blogs. Tracy Tubera also had a piece in there, but he didn't show up and i took a terrible photo of it, so i didn't want to post it.

the show was great. we got to see a lot of good friends and i even saw some family. the artwork was very good and they managed to put a bunch of paintings up without making it feel crammed. if you are ever in the OC you should check out Rothick art haus and see what their current show is. they also have Dr. Sketchy's live model drawing sessions, so check out their site

while we were up in San Francisco for APE i found out the somebody decided to snatch up this guy. i was kinda hoping he wouldn't sell. i'm still not fold of selling my customs, but i'm happy somebody wanted it. hopefully i'll have time to make more.

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