Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Comic-con is a madhouse. it's a fun madhouse, but still a madhouse. i've been goin for at least the last 7 or 8 years, but only as an attendee. i usually run around looking for new art/sketchbooks and exclusive toys.

we always see a lot of friends there. Mr. Dan Cote (creator of Zen the Intergalactic Ninja) was there signing his new 3D Zen poster. i always try to stop by and say hi to Greg Broadmore. i met him in New Zealand back in 04 while working on King Kong toys. i don't know Stan Lee, but it's always cool to see him, and the there is an old guy givin him the ol' stink eye in that photo. we met Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me at WonderCon this year. she was super nice, so we say hi whenever we can. unfortunately, i don't know Sponge Bob personally.

once again, here is the world famous Tracy Tubera struttin his stuff, being famous, signing autographs, and getting free toys all over the place. he did spread the wealth a bit. i managed to ride his coattails a bit and got some free toys as well.

my Squibanimals custom was on display at the Toynami booth. it was pretty cool to see him on display.

thanks to Dov at DKE for displaying some of our Squib plush and debuting our So Analog figures. they were at the very bottom, but still got noticed. the Squibs will be available through DKE as soon as i can get our inventory into Dov's hands. So Analog will be for sale at D-Con on N0v 20th in Pasadena. we'll also have our first custom show there too.

Optimus and Ecto-1. i love them both. now all they need to do is combine them.

Ironman suits were old news this year, but old news at Comic-Con means you get close enough to actually see things and take photos.

some Green Hornet action. let's hope the movie is good.

i've already ordered this Thanos statue, cuz he's one of my favorite bad guys. and one day, i'll actually own one of those Captain America shields. hopefully soon.

the beautiful San Diego Convention Center. unfortunately, Comic-Con has out grown this building. we're on the waiting list to get a booth, but it's a long one. maybe we'll get lucky next year.

it's impossible to see everything at Comic-Con, let alone show it on my meager little blog. i would recommend that everyone experience in person at least once in their life. unless you hate cool stuff. if that's the case, stay home and watch sports.

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