Monday, October 18, 2010

APE 2010

unfortunately, i forgot all 3 of my Squibs on this trip, so the photos aren't quite as fun. hopefully you still like some of them.

i'm not a big jelly bean fan, but i do like Jelly Belly jelly beans. they had a great free tour, but didn't allow any photos inside. a bit disappointing, but still very cool. i had to take a picture of the VW Beetle because we play Slug Bug every single day.

The Duke and the creator of Star Wars, kinda. they had portraits of a bunch of people, but these were the best ones that were in photo friendly areas. pretty cool bean mosaics.

the best photo of the trip was when i caught both Jerome and Linda sleeping in the car. i only meant to get a photo of Jerome, so it was a happy accident to catch Linda too. we played some Ping Pong and lots of Connect Four. for some reason, i did really good at Connect Four. maybe everyone else just did really bad. either way, it was fun.

it was our first time at APE. we never even checked it out as attendees. the show seemed like a huge Artist's Alley. there were a ton of talented people there and lots of nice people. unfortunately, that didn't translate into big sales numbers. we did better than break even, but it was a slow show.

here is our friend Ed Rodriguez promoting his book Kiki Koki. check out to see more. Jerome was nice enough to give an interview while at the show. i declined because cameras steal your soul and i don't like interviews.

the show was decent. we did get to meet some new people and hang out with good friends, but it wasn't a great show for us. we probably won't be back next year, but you never know.

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