Saturday, January 9, 2010

SQUIB Development

in the upper left hand corner is my original Squib sketch. there are times where i get inspired and have to start sculpting immediately, or at least within in a day or two. this was one of those times.

this is the cooked Sculpey sculpt. this guy was sculpted over a weekend just after drawing the sketch from above.

here's the refined wax sculpt.

way back when, i had to pay 500 bucks for a casting to scanned. it was high dollar, but necessary.

and now we have 3 sizes of squibs so far. custom size=4.75", stamp size=3.75", keychain size=1.125"

here is a blank casting that can be purchased at our wonderful webstore now!! we also have Glow in the dark versions available.

Chito A-word helped out with the logo and did some line art for people to use for deco call outs and custom exploration. i plan on posting photos of the customs that people do. so, please purchase one and do something fancy.

Soooo, this post shows a bit about how the Squib sculpt came to be. this has been a great character to develop and has grown into much more than i thought it would. it's pretty much become the icon/mascot for my company and more. we're working on the story and developing the Squibs world even further. of course i have a ton of other projects in the works so it's tough to focus only on Squibs during my limited free time.

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