Sunday, January 31, 2010


this is the first custom squib ever done. i spray mounted aluminum foil all over this bad boy about 2 years ago. i used a dremel to grind out the bite mark and printed out SKI strip to finish it off. it's super simple, but worked out really well.

Chito A-Word based this fella on his samurai squib postcard.

linda hong cranked out this little guy just before D-con. another cute panda from linda panda.

this guy was a rejected casting. the wall thickness were so thin at a couple of spots, that i could poke holes with my finger. this guy should have been thrown away, but i have a hard time throwing away anything. once i started making bigger holes, i could see some strands of resin inside that looked like guts or brains. that was enough to give a direction and way to save him.

jay and dave of mana studios worked this guy up for me. rivots, guns, metal, and tentacles. how can you go wrong?

irene medonis did a fancy candy skull type paint job on this one.

another one by linda hong. it's based on the postcard i did for our postcard pack.

soooooo, here's the first batch of custom squibs. most of them were on display at D-Con, but i wanted to post some better pics of them. these are the result of the trial and error period of casting up the squibs. the bottoms were too bubbly to sell, but of course we didn't want to waste anything. thanks to everyone that took the time to customize a squib. hopefully it's just the beginning. i plan on posting photos of as many customs that get done. sooo, please gets your hands on one and get creative.

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