Saturday, January 9, 2010

SQUIB KID Development

i sketched these, rendered them up in Photoshop, and included in our postcard pack. they were intended to explain how and why the Squibs get their arms and legs. hopefully it makes some sense.

i sketched these up after Linda Hong drew up some space Squibs. the one on the left looked like he had legs and arms to me. so, i started developing that idea further.

these sketch were what i started sculpting from. it gave my a good idea of how i wanted him to turn out. like usual, i continued to develop and refine the look through out the sculpting process.

this figure was slightly different than most i do. different only in that i took an existing Squib and ground off all of the tentacles and used that to form the head. that way it was exactly the same as all of the Squibs. then all i had to do was sculpt a body. i used Castilene for the rough sculpt and refined it in wax.

so here he is all cleaned up, sanded, and primed. the head is rotocast and the body is solid resin.

these are some of the sketches i used for our postcard, print, and my custom Squib Kid.

here's one side of our postcard/flyer. we had them out at Anime Expo and we were running out, so we only give them out with a purchase now. it sucks, but even those cost money to make.

and this little bad boy was my first Squib Kid custom. the helmet is real leather with digitally created "S" logo. the headphone lookin pieces were acrylic half spheres that were molded and cast up. then i used coaxial cable on his back. i haven't done one since, but once we put a custom show together i plan to do another one.

i have high hopes for our Squibs and Squib Kids figures. currently we're only planning to continue making blank resin figures, because it's much cheaper than actually producing them in China. and just like with the regular Squibs, we plan on doing a custom show at some point and post photos of all the customs. So, we have blanks available in our web store. just like all of our products, we tried to price them so that we don't lose money and people can still afford them.


  1. niiiiiice~ i already saw all this though... it's still niiiiiiice though~ hehe love ya!

  2. WOOHOO, comment #2. but that's not a very fair comment, because you see everything before anyone else. still, comment #2 WOOHOO!