Sunday, November 29, 2009

Designer Con 09

so ready for some sweet lovin.

linda hong sandin some squib butt.

long shot of our booths.

top left: battle damaged by nate, top center: blank, top right: metal head by mana studios
bot left: panda squib by linda, bot center: candy skull by irene, bot right: deep blue by linda

i poured, cut, sanded, buffed, filed, polished, and drilled every one of these little metal bad boys. not the most fun in the world, but i like the end results.

our bouncer was back.


Designer Con came and went quick for us. it was only open for 7 hrs, but it was a good 7 hrs. we took up 2 booths this time. one for Squid Kids and one for Hyperactive Monkey. we met a lot of new people and will hopefully get to work with some of the other artists we met.

due to casting problems we didn't have the large DIY Squib avaible for sale. we did get some good custom Squibs out of those bad castings. we also made up some Heavy Metal Squibs for the show. we are only goin to sell these little fellas at conventions. it seems like people need to feel the weight of them before buying them.

once again, we did just enough business to break even. one more convention, one more baby step. we'll be in San Fransisco for Wonder Con on April 2nd-4th. let's all hope that step will be a bit bigger.


  1. u gotta let me know where to be to support good old squink. if it's L.A. local there's a 30% chance I can make it! (^ 3 ^) you guys rock.


  2. WOOHOO! somebody actually left a comment. sorry to geek out, but that is pretty exciting for me. Wonder Con up in San Fransisco will be our first show in 2010. then probably Anime Expo in LA, but not confirmed. then D-Con in Pasadena. if anything else comes up we surely post it on this blog, facebook, myspace, and other sites. please spread the word, we need all the support we can get.