Sunday, November 29, 2009

Squid Kids Art Show 2008

sketches colored in Photoshop then printed on canvas.

Linda Hong's digital artwork on canvas in customized frames.

Chito A-word's digital art on canvas.

my custom Squib Kid Pilot. that leather cap was not fun to make.

a blank Squib Kid and Chito's art print.

the world famous Tracy Tubera.......and Chito.

our Squib army ready to march.

here's our intern Chito hard at work. HA!

here's the shortest assembly line ever.

a little show preparation at Mana Studios.

here's Jay layin down some base coats for me.

these are some photos from our very first art show way back in Oct 2008. a friend of ours Irene Medonis curated the show at GoRilla in Costa Mesa. this was the first time we revealed Squibs to the world. the show went well for us. we sold some prints, t-shirts, and keychain/zipperpulls. the gallery managed to damage Chito's art print, so they didn't take the 40% commission off any of our sales. we didn't even come close to making a profit, but it was nice to not have to give away almost 1/2 of our earnings.

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