Sunday, November 29, 2009


just gettin started.

our intern hardly at work again. Ha.

i swear it's not a sweat shop.

we had our jumbo Squib protecting our booth.


i think i ate some bad calamari.

Hello Daisy and an awesome Appa.

Hyperactive? maybe not in this photo.

we had at least 10 people waiting to win stuff in one of our raffles.

who let the white guy behind the booth?


here are some photos from our first big convention, ANIME EXPO. we didn't do any advertising or promoting for this event. not the smartest move, but we aren't marketing people. we create stuff and hope that some other people will like it too.

Thursday was a slow day, but Fri and Sat went well. Sunday was a short day, but went well. it was a learning experience for us all. i've walked through a bunch of conventions and passed tons of booths, but i never really thought about what it would be like on the other side of the booth. i started to realize how much it takes to catch someone's eye, and even more for someone to stop and take a look up close. it takes so much more for someone to actually spend money at a booth. it's givin me even more appreciation for the family, friends, and fans that support us.

Anime Expo was a great experience for us. we were able to share our booth with Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey and his ladyfriend Daisy drew in the crowd wearing her giant plush Hello Kitty head. we pretty much broke even over the 4 days. not bad considering that no one knew who we were or that we would be there at all. it was another solid baby step for Squid Kids Ink.

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