Friday, July 6, 2012


 so, way back at WonderCon, Spanky Stokes told me i should contact Hydro74 and have him do a 10-Doh! label. i hadn't heard of Hydro74, but once i saw his work, i was an instant fan.

 log story short, he agreed to do a label. i had to cut out each front and back label, which ended up being 800 cuts with an x-acto blade. yikes.

 his label is titled "Defined by Defiance". my cat Hayu, obviously lives by that. she decided to plop down in the middle of my cutting area, forcing me to take a much needed break. 

 attaching labels and packing all the figures also took more time than expected.

so, here he is, "Defined by Defiance" by Squid Kids Ink and Hydro74. i only made 100 and they'll be available at SDCC 2012 at booth #5137. 

check out for more of his work. he's also constantly posting images on Instagram, so follow him @hydro74. hopefully we'll be able to do more work together soon.

also, special thanks to for the awesome recommendation.

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