Thursday, July 19, 2012

AX 2012 kinda late, WHOOHOO!!

 this was our 4th year being at AX in the Los Angeles convention Center. it turned out to be another great show for us.

 i was able to test out our new display stands just in time for SDCC. 

 i was pretty happy with the front of the booth. the side only had Tshirts laid out, so there's still room for improvement.

 we had both 10-Doh! figures and Mini 10-Doh! figures on display. i only had 3 case packs of the mini figures to sell, and they sold out. woohoo.

 A-Drive was high up on his perch. hopefully i can get these guys funded through Kickstarter to help make them sooner, rather than later.

 it wasn't the best show for Hyperactive Monkey, but Jerome is always positive. hopefully, he gives it another try next year. he probably would if people would buy his stuff, instead of stealing it. BOOOO thieves.

 X-Games was goin on at the same time. that just meant more traffic and worse parking for us. i didn't get to see the car go through the double loop, but i had to at least go see the loop.

some instagram photos i posted during the convention. that guy was the first to ever pull a gold figure. he couldn't be more excited.

i usually take more photos of costumes, but i was a slacker this year. i love the Evangelion designs, but not the story so much. this guy had all the poses down as well.

AX had weird timing this year due to the 4th being on a Wednesday, but next year it will be back to normal. it was our best AX yet, so i hope they just keep getting better. 

thanks again to everyone that came out and supported us. hope to see you next year along with some new folks. 

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