Sunday, June 17, 2012


so, a lot have people may have already seen this pop up on Instagram and some other places, but here's the slightly more "official" announcement.

 Luke and JRYU stopped by to do some blood splatter customizing. Luke did the paint, while JRYU and i put on the labels.

here are a couple of shots that went up on Instagram. the one on the left shows the figure in package. on the right side, the standard issue Emo Bear has been up to some murder.

 just messin around with my new camera. nothin fancy.

so, SDCC 2012 at booth #5137. there are only goin to be 100 made total. All are signed, numbered, and murdered by Luke. They only cost $20 each at the show, so don't miss out and have to pay extra on Ebay. depending on sales, i may have to limit one per person, so the Saturday and Sunday people have a chance to get one.

also, Luke is planning on doin a 1 hr. signing, but we haven't finalized a date and time yet. that will be posted on all the Squid Kids Ink social media sites soon.

and if for some reason these don't sell out at the show, i'll be putting them up on my web store soon after SDCC.

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