Wednesday, March 31, 2010


here is our new postcard/flyer that we just got printed. it shows off some of the products that were available at Wonder Con and will be available at our other shows throughout the years to come.

this is the other side of the postcard. basically just re-using the banners graphics that Chito did for us.

so, we had to airship some of our products to get them in time for Wonder Con. it cost a ton and ate up all of our potential profit, but at least we had stuff to sell.

here's Linda Hong checkin out the goods. it may look like a lot of product, but we only had a maximum of 20 pieces per style.

before and after. this little toaster of ours is the perfect vehicle for us. we are able to take out the back seats completely and load it up with squidy goodness.

our little navigator did a great job gettin us to SF. these guys were pretty popular, so this little guy found himself a new home on the last day of the show.

Squibs are carnivores and thanks to Man Vs. Food we decided to check this place out on our way through San Jose. it was pretty tasty.

this was our first time having a booth at Wonder Con and were pleasantly surprised to find out we get to drive through Moscone Center. the wait wasn't too bad either.

it was also our 1st corner booth, and setup took a bit of time. once again Jerome provided the Magic Cubes. they seem to keep us pretty well organized.

front doors to Moscone Center. this must have been the set up day, because no one was out front.

this was the line on opening day. it was tough to get a good photo, so this was the best view i could get.

some final tweeks before the show opened. Linda Hong put hearts in the eyes of our Colossal Squib for this show. it worked out as a great way to debut our new plush items. our grey guy was by far the most popular. we're not sure if it's because he looks happy, or because he's on the banner, t-shirts, and a bunch of other stuff. either way we're happy people like him.

here are some photos of some of our other products and some customs. Dou's robo Squib was a fan favorite. Robin's mermaid was also very popular. the image of the crowd was taken during one of our raffles. we had a great turnout each day.

this is the Hyperactive Monkey side of the booth. who knew monkeys and squids could coexist so well together.

in this battle between men, no body won, but the scars run deep.

these curious little Squibs wanted to know how chocolate was made, and Ghirardelli's was the place to find out.

we answered 50 video game questions online to get our special Encom badges, just to find out that they were handing them out to anyone and everyone outside of Wonder Con. lame. the event was poorly executed, possibly due to weather, but it was still worth goin to it.

so, that pretty much wraps up Wonder Con 2010 for us. it was by far our best show yet. it was great to see peoples reactions to our stuff. boys and girls, young and older liked the plush. we sold out of a lot of things, mostly because we only had limited quantities.

we got in a super small shipment of more plush due to the factory correcting a mistake. all that means is we happen to get a small amount of product early. this has given us the opportunity to get a booth at Wizard World in Anaheim on April 16-18th 2010. we'll have less than we had at Wonder Con, but it's better than nothin.

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