Saturday, March 27, 2010


this is the first plush Squib ever made. Linda Hong worked her magic to make this guy happen. i learned how to sew stuffed animals in school too, but she just has a knack for it.

these early samples didn't have irises and pupils in the eye sockets. for the DIY resin i wanted the people customize them and fill in the blank eye sockets how they saw fit. that concept obviously doesn't work as well for the plush.

maybe this was the first plush Squib ever made. i really can't remember, but neither could Linda, so it's ok. this little buddy is still MIA somewhere over seas. hopefully he'll return home someday, hopefully.

this is the sample that was made based on the model we sent. very similar, but refined. still no eyeballs. it was better to send illustrations of the eye designs to manufacturer, rather than try to embroider them ourselves.

this was our first sample with the embroidery done. not cheap, but we had to see how it would look. we made slight modifications to make them more bulbous, but that was about it.

here are some images to show the 3 styles and 2 sizes of the final product.
our plush vendor did an amazing job for us. we couldn't be more happy with his service and our how they all turned out.

this is the image we put together as a press release on i just took a bunch of photos on my iphone really quick. i'm pretty happy with how photogenic these little guys are.

so, here are some images of what it was like unloading the truck. the driver took the 4 pallets off the truck. i had to unload the pallets, so he could take them back. then i had to carry the 135 boxes up to the 2nd floor of our place. even light plush Squibs feel heavy after a while.

after at least an hour of moving boxes, this is what it looked like. i couldn't get all the boxes in this photo. it's hard to tell, but those are stacked about 6 feet high. it was pretty claustrophobic. we have since rearranged and only blocked one or two windows. sunlight burns me anyway.

so, these plush guys cost us a pretty penny and was a huge risk for us, but we learned a lot of lessons during this little endeavor. shipping and customs were the main hurdles for us. it was our first time dealing with that part of the process. the big challenge now is movin them out of our home and into other homes around the world. should be a fun experience.

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