Tuesday, March 30, 2010


here are some rough control drawings for our plush purses.

here are some rough concept sketches for the purses. we had to find a way to use up the amount of fabric we were required to purchase. this was one way to do it, so we didn't have to make a thousand of each of the other plush. it allowed us to make more variety and in smaller quantities.

so, here is our little press release for our Squib purses that we did for spankystokes.com. we had a small amount available at Wonder Con and Wizard World Anaheim. We finally got our main shipment in and they are now available on our web store. woohoo.

just a couple of quick photos, i hope to replace them with better ones soon.

these all have a 3' strap and a little zipper pouch in the backs of their heads. we learned a whole bunch of lessons with this little venture. maybe i'll explain some of it some day, but today is not that day. quite the pain in the butt..... but we are happy with how these turned out. they come in the same 3 styles as the other plush items. we haven't officially named them each individually yet. we might not ever name them, you'll have to wait till the storybook comes out some time in the not too distant future.... hopefully, not too distant. ha.

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