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This post will show all 12 figures from the Extra Life Series. I'll update it each day until they are all revealed.

My buddy @llexileon was learning game coding a couple years back, and he actually made a Space Invaders style game with my Squib artwork. That's pretty much why this label exists. It also ties into the Squib skateboard that @finessebrand made for me. 

This figure only exists due to a happy accident. It was originally one of the Ultra Rare figures in Series 2 as a silver P800 figure. For some reason, the factory included these gold labels with all the other Limited Edition labels. Andy Poon did the art work, and you can follow him on Instagram @andypoondesign.

Way back when I was doing Mini 10-Doh! Series 1, SpankyStokes suggested I contact @hydrosevenfour to do a label. I love his art and his work ethic. This is his 3rd Mini 10-Doh! label. One was a limited edition figure, and the other was in Series2. This label was an option for Series2, but I chose the Snow Owl instead. It's not exactly "family friendly", so you might want to display it up high.

I made these labels during the Loot Crate production run. I used to take a blank grey Mini 10-Doh! with me while traveling and take photos of them. New York City, Hong Kong, Death Valley, and New Zealand are some of the places I did this. I also made specific labels like this for NY, HK, and SD, but I'm not sure if those will ever be released.

I've known Jerome Lu almost a decade. We used to work at the same toy company and I was even his boss for a short period of time. We also used to share booths at conventions, and he had a figure in Mini 10-Doh! Series 1. We just never found a good time to release this figure, so the time is now. You can follow Jerome @jromonkey on Instagram and check out his work at

I haven't made too many Glow in the Dark figures and haven't had a lot of lady designers do artwork for 10-Doh! figures. This one just so happens to checks both of those boxes. Cat Sze did the art for Hong Ly, the creator of Tofu Girls. You can keep up with them at and @tofu_girls on Instagram.

This label was first seen as a Grey label in the DIY Mini 10-Doh! Series. I also posted an image of this Red guy years ago, along with a Black and a Blue version. Those probably will never be released though. Mini 10-Doh! figures can't hold a lot of things, but they can hold a business card. So, you can use this guy as a name plate and a single business card holder. Ha.

This figure really shouldn't exist. I had another gold figure all labeled up, because the factory printed a gold version on accident. Buuut, I jumped the gun, and the timing of this release didn't mesh with the artists timing for his own projects. Oops. So, Linda Panda (my wife) stepped up and cranked this beauty out at the last minute. This Series has had quite the journey. Ha. You can follow her @lindapanda on Instagram.

Spanky Stokes (@spankystokes) supports our little slice of the Toy Industry as much as anyone else out there, and has been a huge supporter of my stuff from the beginning. Alex Rivera (@playfulgorilla) did the illustration and we originally release this as a black figure at Dcon way back when. So, this label is truly getting a second chance.

This guy was originally an Ultra Rare gold figure in Mini 10-Doh! Series 2. It's based on the question mark block from classic Mario games and little bit of Brad Pitt from Se7en. Now he's a platinum mystery box, so pricey.

Way back in 2013 I did a Design-A-Label contest for Mini 10-Doh! Series 2. There were 70 entries by 49 artists. Crazy! There were tons of great entries and this one by Reno Msad (@renomsad on Instagram) was one of my favorites. I had it printed to be a Limited Edition figure, but once again, I could never find a good time to release it. It's great to have it be part of this Series. Maybe I'll have to see if there is something I can do with some of those other entries. Ha.

Obviously, a homage to Mario Boo characters, but Simpsons fans will appreciate his name a bit more.  This is a brand new figure designed specifically for this Series. He is replacing the mini version of my 10-Tris! figure. I forgot that the factory only sent me the back labels of 10-Tris!, so I had to come up with another replacement figure. I'd never done a transparent label and wasn't sure if it would look good. Luckily it did and now we have a transparent figure, instead of another grey figure.

So, there they are. 12 new figures that got a second chance in the Extra Life Series. Hopefully, people enjoyed seeing them revealed and appreciate the insight into the series creation. They'll debut at SDCC 2018 booth #5150. They are extremely limited compared to previous series, so get them while you can.

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