Monday, July 6, 2015


SDCC 2015 starts in 2 days and I can't believe I have so much new stuff. Even more unbelievable is that everything showed up in time. So here are the main Debuts and Exclusives for SDCC 2015.

These are zapper keychains that I made a couple months back. I'm finally gonna sell them at SDCC. They're "Made in the USA" Woot. Always happy when I can say that. These were even made locally in the LA area and go for 5 bucks each..

 I submitted my Mech Cyclone and Cyber Demon art for the Capcom Fighting Tribute book. Still can't believe they included both illustrations. If you buy one, I'd be happy to mess it up with my signature. Ha. 

 This figure only exists because I submitted art for the Capcom Fighting Tribute book. The guys over at Udon like my 10-Doh! figures and wanted to collaborate on something. They got Chamba to do the art and is guy is the result. Hopefully, it's just the beginning, and we'll do more collaborations in the future. It's limited to 100 units and goes for 20 bucks, so get them while you can.

I've collected playing cards for decades. I love playing card games, or even just shuffling cards. So, this is my favorite new item I'm debuting. I don't know if other people want to buy playing cards, but I usually just make stuff I want anyway. I'm kinda selfish like that. They're 10 bucks each or 3 for 25.

 This guy is the main exclusive for SDCC 2015. I made 300 of them, so there's a chance I'll have some left over after the Con. They're only 20 buck and I never know what's gonna sellout or even sell at all. He is the 1st new production figure that I've done in a long time, so don't miss out on him.

I have a couple other small things I'll add on later tonight. They involve sketches and such. 

I hope to see lots of friendly face this year. We'll be at booth #5051 this year. Stop by if you can.


  1. This stuff looks great, hope you have fun at SDCC!

  2. Hi , btw I started using this drum pack similar to Kid Ink ,
    really satisfied ,
    what is your opinion ?