Monday, October 28, 2013


Last year I was lucky enough to be giving the opportunity to do the back cover for the Dcon 2012 program. I must have done an ok job, because they offered me the front cover shortly after the show. Of course I waited till the last minute to do this one. Oooops. Here's some of the stages of development.

I used my Rhino models as underlays and actual elements for the final illustration.

I probably do some unnecessary steps every time I do an illustration, but that's how my brain wants to work. I print out low opacity images and trace/redraw stuff. It's similar to using a lightbox for doing overlays.

The sketch on the left was done on a Cintiq, then printed and cleaned up on copy paper with a pen. The sketch on the right is a rework of the middle clean version. I didn't want this illustration to be super clean like last years back cover, so I went back in and put some life back into it.

These are the 3 teaser images that I posted on Instagram.

This cover was a challenge for me. I was pretty happy with what I did last year, but I didn't want to do a complete retread of last years concept. The 2 images on the left we too boring and just showing off the new characters. To me, Dcon is about artists creating stuff, and I still wanted that represented in the illustration.

 Here's the final, but it still has the bleed on it. So, the actual printed program won't have such a thick ink border. It's also missing my signature. Is it better than last years?? Maybe, maybe not, but I still like it. 

Everyone that attends Dcon 2013 should get one, so you can't complain about that price. I'm also doing 10 Preview Editions of the each Ante Ups figure, but those might be pricey. Stop by booth #332 at the Pasadena Convention Center Nov 9th and 10th and say "hi". I'll be on my best behavior, so I should say "howdy" back. 

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