Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ante Ups has been in development limbo for over 5 years. The original models were in scale with my 7" 10-Doh! figures. Here are the original sketches from Jan 08 and photos of the resin figures that were never released.

Craps (The Chip) was originally a completely blank disc. Once I decided to rework and release Ante Ups, I knew Craps needed the most work. Short Stack (The Die) original sketch had some wacky curves, but the original sculpt is essentially unchanged. 

I redid Stud (The Card) to have the same arch as all of my So Analog characters. The original model has a pretty extreme bow to him. I knew I needed to modify him so his body would work with the existing So Analog arms and legs.

Like always, Mana Studios did the molding and casting.

Stud was meant to use the same arms and legs as 10-Doh!. I plan on making the arms and legs interchangeable between all So Analog and Ante Ups figures. 

Craps was supposed to use the arms and legs or A-Drive, but I haven't been able to afford to produce A-Drive yet. So, I need to make sure that 10-Doh!'s arms and legs will work with Craps' body.

Short Stack also got the short end of the stick. I wanted him and B-Side to have the same arms and legs, but you've heard that story already. Ha.

Unfortunately, these group shots don't really show an accurate size comparison.

Thankfully, I've found my original set and the some extra castings. I've decided to sell some of the castings at Dcon this year, but I don't know for how much or how many will be available. Right now I can't find the arms and legs, so I might have to use 10-Doh! arms and legs for them. All future releases will be made from new models and molds.


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    1. hopefully I'll have the money to make them. right now, everyone is gonna get 10-Doh! hands.