Friday, March 9, 2012


i was contacted a couple of months back to sponsor the Vinyl Thoughts 2 show. i'm not really in a situation where i can afford to sponsor anything except my own stuff right now. but, i did want to contribute to the show, so this is what i came up with.

here's the rough sketch of a Squib ready to do some customizing. he's armed with a pencil, Sharpie, some paint, and an X-acto.

i used a Sharpie to do a tighter line drawing

i combined the line work and rendered it in Photoshop.

the labels were printed on high quality sticker paper. i only made 15 of these for the show. it still took a long time to cut everything out and make sure the labels were laid down well.

here they are all packed up and ready to ship out to Texas.

here's the top view that is rarely seen.

the label is an obvious play off of Super Mario Bros. 2. 

a nicer front and back view. each one was signed and numbered. this one has an "AP" for Artist Proof. so, there are really 16, but only 15 available for sale.

 more views.....for you.

this is the 1st time i've done a super low run of 10-Doh! figures for an art show. i wish i could make it down to Texas for the show, but money is tight these days. hopefully the show goes well and they sell out. if not, they're also available at for 30 days after the show. i'll put any remaining figures up on my store after that. 

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