Wednesday, March 14, 2012


lots of big news for WonderCon this year. hope to see you there.

first up is a new gold 10-Doh! figure. this guy is a perfect fit for this year, seeing how it's the Year of the Dragon. if i would have been planning things perfectly, i would have released this during CNY. instead i decided to save it for WonderCon. Stop by and pick one up. You might also see Kwestone lingering around. he does that sometimes.

the invasion continues. new Squibs have arrived and they're lookin to take over your life. these are the 3 new variations of the Mini Squibs.

 Same 3 styles, but "LARGER", but still the same size as the last batch.

protect your brain and "Beware the Stare". these Squibs are primed and ready to become a part of you. one size fits most. 

it's hard to imagine, but this big beauty is almost 4 feet tall. great for crushing your enemies, or as a massive pillow.

WonderCon is in Anaheim this year and that has a lot of people nervous. it's usually in San Francisco which has always been very kinda to us. hopefully it's nothing like Wizard World from a couple of years ago. that was a depressing show. so, stop by and make the show what it should be.

we only have very small quantities of the plush for the show. our main shipment is still on the ocean. so, come early and buy, buy, buy. we'll probably run out of some of the items. but don't worry, i'll make them available on the website for pre-order.

we'll might have some show exclusive deals goin on as well, but you'll have to stop buy to find out what they are. 

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