Thursday, August 4, 2011


there is nothing i hate more than not being able to complete a collection. i'm sure there are things i hate more, but when it comes to collecting toys, an incomplete collection is just painful for me.

i wanted to make sure that the people like me, would be able to get a complete set of these figures if they really wanted to.

so, i smashed my self diagnosed toy collecting O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with my love of Robocop, to come up with Squid Kids Ink's O.C.P. (Obsessive Collector Program)

this is the only way you are guaranteed to get all 9 figures that debuted at SDCC 2011. this even includes the Convention Exclusive So Analog GOLD figure and all 8 mini prints.

i also wanted to give a price break for the O.C.P. members. so, at a convention you can get them all for $300 even, or order them online for $315. the extra $15 is to cover shipping, because i can't set up separate shipping prices on the web store.


  1. Love the figures. I was just going to purchase 10-Doh from your store, but I was wondering if/when you were going to put out the actual (non-blank) versions of A-Drive and B-Side. I'd like to get all 3 together.

  2. I really want to make them all, plus others i have drawn up. Unfortunately, it's goin to be a while. Possibly a year or more. I put everything I had into this project and I need to make some money back before I can make a new figure. Unless there is some magical person out there that is willing to give me some free money. Not likely, but I can hope. I'm also goin to try Kickstarter, so may e that can speed things up.